Recipe: Tap on taste and health with this dessert of Mango mousse hazelnut crumble

Recipe: Tap on taste and health with this dessert of Mango mousse hazelnut crumble

Sometimes the perfect midweek needs an entire mango to keep completely to yourself and eat in one sitting, unless you whip it into a clear and creamy mousse to satisfy your sweet tooth. There is nothing better than indulging in fleshy, soft, juicy and luscious mango desserts during the sweltering summer heat and then this mango mousse with hazelnut crumble comes as a chilled and sweet relief.

Summers are for mangoes and nostalgia and because we enjoy the mystical and fascinating king of fruits for a limited time of the year, we decided to make the most of it with a special recipe that is easy to make from scratch and without the need for cooking is required. Check out the recipe of Mango Mousse with Hazelnut Crumble below and check taste and health for the day.

Ingredients for mango mousse:

White chocolate-135g


mango puree-55g

Method for mango mousse:

In a standing mixer, whip the cream and gradually add melted white chocolate. Add mango puree to the cream and white chocolate mixture and beat until lightly fluffy. Pour the mixture into glass jars and refrigerate. Garnish with hazelnut crumble and finish with delicious diced mango and enjoy!

Ingredients for hazelnut crumble:


Hazelnut paste (100%)-14g

granulated sugar-50g

All Purpose Flour-50g

Hazelnut flour -50g

Method for hazelnut crumble:

Mix the softened butter, hazelnut spread and granulated sugar in a standing mixer (paddle attachment). Add all purpose flour and the hazelnut flour to the mixer until all ingredients are well combined.

Freeze for a few hours and then process. Transfer the crumble to baking tins and bake for 25 minutes at 170 degrees Celsius. When the crumble has cooled, keep it until you need it.

Crunchy and sweet, this mango dessert is sure to linger in your head for a long time.

(Recipe: Chef Mahek Sugandh)


It’s that time of year again when the cravings for mango treats are at an all-time high as mango season has finally arrived and besides being a delicious fruit, the immense health benefits of the tropical fruit cannot be overlooked. Unless consumed in excess, there are no side effects of eating mangoes which are rich in vitamin C, cleanse the skin from within, treat the pores and give the skin a glow.

Their vitamin C content aids in the production of skin protein – collagen. The fruit is essential to make hair healthy thanks to its vitamin A and keratin content that promote hair growth and health, help protect cells from harmful radicals thanks to its various antioxidants, help reduce facial wrinkles and avoid acne. loose skin and is also rich in nutrients such as Vitamin K, potassium and magnesium.