Recipes for a delicious Passover seder

Recipes for a delicious Passover seder
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Why is this meal different from other meals, to paraphrase the beginning of the four questions posed during the Passover seder, the eight-day Jewish holiday commemorating the exodus of Jewish people from Egypt?

Below is a list of options for your Passover menu: appetizers, entrees, sides, and desserts, which you can mix and match to find the perfect combination for you and your audience. Don’t see the right items for you? Visit our Recipe Finder and filter for Passover recipes.

Vegan Matzoh Ball Soup, pictured above. Everyone should get something good to eat when there’s a great supper to be had, and this vegan version of matzoh ball soup delivers.

Fluffy Matzoh Balls† These are classic – and they will float so nicely in your soup.

cauliflower kuku† A slice of this highly customizable egg-based dish would make an excellent starter. Feel free to customize this with any vegetables and herbs you like.

Cod with horseradish crust with carrot, parsnip and mustard-dill drizzle, shown. Spicy horseradish-flavored matzoh crumbs atop cod make for a bold main dish. If this seafood dish isn’t quite right for your table, make Bene Israel Fish Curry with fresh ginger, tamarind and coriander.

Passover Brisket† Want to keep it classic? Make chest. This recipe comes from our Nourish columnist Ellie Krieger and is an oven-cooked adaptation of her mother’s stovetop version.

Gluten Free Pappardelle With Mushrooms† Gluten-free pasta? Yes please! This easy recipe will not only expand your pasta repertoire, but also surprise your guests.

Salad of roasted mushrooms, tomato and herbs, shown. This easy salad is much greater than the sum of its parts.

potato kugel† The humble ingredients in this kugel combine into this savory version of the noodle iteration of the dish you may already know.

Dried Fruit Haroset With Cardamom And Lemon† Haroset is Voracious writer Becky Krystal’s favorite part of the Passover spread. This version is delicious, with floral cardamom to perfume it.

Lemon Quinoa Cake, shown. Quinoa takes the cake! Or rather, makes it. By using quinoa as the main grain in this cake, you get a delicious texture.

Passover Key Lime Pie† With a nutty crust, courtesy of walnuts, and a creamy, tangy filling, this pie can become the blueprint for all your custard-based pies.

Chocolate Almond Tweed Torte† One more, just for the record! Some flourless cakes can be thick, but this one is delicious and light.