Recipes for Life – Mama’s Red Rice

Recipes for Life – Mama's Red Rice

Mercedes says: “For many of us, food is comfort, and our community needs a lot of comfort right now. So for the next few weeks I’ll be focusing on comfort food, you know food that fills your belly and your soul.” Today Mercedes Wilson is joined by her boyfriend Craig who makes mama’s red rice.

Mercedes wanted to know what this dish means to Craig. He says all the men in his family have learned to cook. Craig says: “My great grandmother who we called Mama made sure the men in the family knew how to cook and this is one of the dishes she cooked in the kitchen and this is a one pot meal so you can get everything done. to get.”

If life is one big bowl of ingredients and you had to add one ingredient to make life good, what would it be? Craig says it would be salt because the bible tells us to be the salt of the earth and salt is something that is underused. Salt has so many purposes, the very purpose of salt is to extract flavors and our job on this earth should be to extract flavors and bring out the best in people.”

Visit for today’s recipe

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