Recipes for life – Summer Salsa

Recipes for life – Summer Salsa

Today Mercedes Wilson is joined by her friend Kelly Miller making a summer salsa. Kelly says she chose this dish because of where she works. She says she works at Glen Copack Manufacturing, part of the Arc of Chemung-Schuyler, and we help people who make great dishes get them bottled and on the market.

Kelly says she started working at the Arc after finishing a career and wanted something with a little more meaning. Being at Watkins Glen she knew what some of the things the Arc did and she wanted to be a part of that, so she did that in the business part of it. Kelly says they provide great training, support people with disabilities so that everyone is integrated into our business services; we have people with disabilities working alongside people without disabilities to provide them with jobs, give them training, and if they want to go out in the community they have that opportunity too along with volunteering and then we have other programs that we do with people we help with disabilities.

Mercedes says this dish means something to Kelly because her job means something to her, because the people she serves means something to her and says Kelly embodies what Recipes for Life is about, Arc embodies what Recipes for Life is about.

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