Recipes for the perfect turkey day from Hemingford Kindergarten

Recipes for the perfect turkey day from Hemingford Kindergarten

Mrs. Frost’s kindergarten class wishes everyone a safe and happy Thanksgiving!

The students helped write down the ingredients and instructions that will make their 2022 Thanksgiving meal memorable.

We go to the store and get a turkey. Then you need to put the ingredients in a bowl. Then you need to cook the turkey on the stove. You need to cook it over medium heat for 20 minutes. Remove it from the heat and place it on a plate to eat. I’m going to have a nice dinner with mom, dad and sissy!

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We drive to the store to get a turkey. Grandma gets turkey sauce and salt and pepper. Then she puts it on the stove. We cook it for 10 minutes, on cold or hot. We eat it outside. I’m going to eat with my family.

I’m going to eat turkey, chicken and something else. Mom goes to the store and gets turkey and chicken. Sometimes we have bacon and macaroni. She puts it in a bowl and cooks it in the oven. Because I don’t know, 40 minutes I think. Or when it rings, she puts salt and pepper on it. Then we eat it on a big plate with Dad, Harper, Carter, Jaxson and Mom. We’ll go to the park and play later.

I think dad is going to the store to get a turkey. He might get some mashed potatoes and dessert. I hope he gets some pumpkin pie and cereal because that’s my favorite. Peanut butter, gravy and jelly. He cooks it in the oven for a while, then takes it out and lets it cool. It will be super hot. He could check how hot it is with this temperature thingy. He will have to take everything off the table because we will have a lot to eat. Maybe we should just make cupcakes. I do plan to color in some pictures before I have dinner with my whole family.

Mom already has our turkey. She went to the grocery store. She chose it herself. We bake it in the oven at 70 degrees for 6 minutes. Take out the turkey and put it on a plate, she will have to cut it and eat it with forks. I will enjoy it with all my family.

So a long time ago, Mama shot a turkey. And it has been in the fridge. It has already become a chicken. We’ll take the turkey to Nina’s house. Nina will cook it. She’s going to put it in the oven, for 50 hours at 30 degrees. We will invite some visitors. We will have to take it out of the oven and eat it with my family.

We go to the store, mom chooses the turkey. Then she pays it and takes it home. She puts it on the stove for 10 minutes at hot degrees. Remove it from the stove. You need it for Thanksgiving. I will enjoy Thanksgiving with my family.

My mother goes to the store. She will come back and get it. She cooks it on the stove. She will cook it for 6 to 7 minutes. It will be a hot temperature. We wait for it to cool down. I’ll play while I wait for it to cool down. I’ll get into the kitsch and look at it. We go to the living room and eat. I’m going to eat with my family.

My mom or my dad gets the turkey. Not sure who will get it. They will get it at Walmart. We will also pick up pumpkin pie. We’ll take it home. Mom will cook. She cooks it on the stove. She has to cook it for 5 minutes. It should be put on warm. We get out the plates, forks, knives and eat it with my family. I’m excited because my birthday is on Thanksgiving! Happy Birthday!!

We’re going to eat corn, peas because they’re healthy. We have turkey, ham and crab. We’re going to eat that first. We get our food from the store. Jay Jay is the cook and mom will help. She will always do her best. She will have to cook it on the stove. She cooks for 10 or maybe 5 minutes. Then she cooks some popcorn. When mom is done and it’s dark. Then we brush our teeth and go to bed.