Refugee Services of Texas Serves Survival Stories, Global Recipes in New Cookbook

Refugee Services of Texas Serves Survival Stories, Global Recipes in New Cookbook

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Mixing recipes from around the world with first-hand survival stories, one of the state’s leading refugee resettlement programs, Texas Refugee Serviceshas been released Gilded Stories: Legacies from House to Table.

The cookbook will be available on June 20, which is World Refugee Day. Gilded stories features recipes from 21 contributors—everything from Egyptian spinach stew to Salvadoran stuffed tortillas to Vietnamese taro pudding to Croatian pastries—with easy instructions and culture-specific twists in each recipe.

It tells the stories of refugees, asylum seekers and survivors of human trafficking from Africa, Central America, Asia, the Middle East and Eastern Europe, as they recount their journeys fleeing war, persecution and human trafficking for security and opportunity. found in Texas.

“With record numbers of refugees from Afghanistan and Ukraine, it’s more important than ever for people to hear these stories and connect with the common humanity we all share,” said Ashley Faye, author of Gilded stories and Senior Director of Development at RST. “Food and stories are common denominators of our collective humanity, so we hope this book will foster an understanding and appreciation for all the cultural flavors our world has to offer. I hope readers will find the book as enjoyable and fulfilling as we have.” in creating.”

Donations made for ordering the cookbook go straight to work at Refugee Services of Texas, which serves vulnerable populations through case managers who help individuals and families find housing, services, education and employment in the Lone Star State.

“These recipes are infused with memories of home and family, with old traditions that will never be forgotten and new friends that offer hope even as we start over. As we expand our taste buds and our experiences through these stories, we receive one of them. the greatest gifts in the human experience: bonding with people from all over the world who are just like us,” says author Jessica Goudeau.

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With less than three months left in the federal fiscal year, the U.S. is on track to resettle just 18,900 refugees by 2022, the organization said. This is as the world experiences a record-breaking displacement of vulnerable populations, with more than 84 million people displaced from their homes due to violence, persecution and natural disasters.

According to Social Services, only a fraction of a fraction of those displaced are resettled in another country, let alone the United States.

RST originated in Dallas and now has service centers in Amarillo, Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, the Rio Grande Valley, and San Antonio.