Should you ask restaurant chefs to share their recipes? Reddit debates

Should you ask restaurant chefs to share their recipes?  Reddit debates

There is something indispensable about restaurant food. We just can’t get enough of that local pizza place, or even the South Indian restaurant near us. Each preparation is lip smacking and absolutely divine. Even though the expert chefs among us try to recreate the same dish at home, it doesn’t turn out the same. What makes restaurant food so delicious and completely different from homemade food? Are there secret ingredients that chefs use to make their dishes taste restaurant style? Reddit users took to the platform to debate and discuss this, and whether it’s acceptable to ask restaurant chefs to share their recipes or not.

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The debate was started by the user u/BearsChief in the r/Cooking subreddit. The user called it an open discussion, explaining his issue and asking fellow redditors for advice. He said he had not mastered Indian cuisine. “I can literally make better quality food than restaurant in almost any other culinary discipline, but Indian eludes me,” he wrote.

He then revealed that there was an Indian restaurant near him that prepared the most delicious vegetable curry. “Would it be super rude to talk to the chef and just honestly ask them what kind of dark wizardry they practice to make their curry so good,” he asked in the post. He said he wrote this post after making a wok full of sabzi that was “amazingly mediocre.”

Reddit users shared their thoughts on the topic. Some thought it was understandable that restaurant chefs didn’t want to share their recipes at all. “They don’t want to admit that they’ve used ingredients that have been prepared, from strained tomatoes to commercial garam masala mixes,” explains one user. Another said it was not possible to recreate restaurant-style recipes at home due to several factors. “I know you’re not going to achieve what I can do with my ingredients, price and equipment,” said the user who turned out to be a chef himself.

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