special cookbook with recipes from india, pakistan on the occasion of the queen’s platinum anniversary

special cookbook with recipes from india, pakistan on the occasion of the queen's platinum anniversary

BBC wants to get to know you

Believe it or not, one of the world’s oldest and most famous broadcasters, broadcasting to millions of viewers around the world for decades, apparently doesn’t know what people want to watch.

That’s the BBC for you.

It is to spend £50 million (approximately Rs 483 Crore) on research to find out what viewers are watching in an effort to improve its programmes. Of this, approximately £42 million will go towards “continuous tracking” research described as the “most complex and strategic” part of the four-year project. It will study viewers’ experience with the broadcaster and their satisfaction with the output, according to media reports.

A further £6.5 million will be spent on “tailor-made research” into “harder-to-reach, niche and diverse audiences”. And the rest to understand “how kids discover our content, how kids find and consume media and who helps them choose,” says the tender document unveiled by the Daily Star Sunday.

Not surprisingly, the move has drawn scathing criticism, with critics calling it a waste of license payers’ money at a time when it struggles to balance its budget. It also faces the prospect of losing government funding with its centennial funding model under review.

“Taxpayers are tired of seeing their hard-earned money fund big BBC projects,” said a spokesperson for TaxPayers’ Alliance.

For once, even its ardent admirers who believe it is mostly unjustly attacked by right-wing politicians and media will struggle to defend it.