Spicy, crunchy and flavorful chicken sandwich recipes

Spicy, crunchy and flavorful chicken sandwich recipes
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Even before they became a fertile ground for fast food competition and sole proprietorship, chicken sandwiches were a staple of the restaurant. They’re also great for making at home, where you can control the spice level, toppings, and of course, price. Plus, you can trade in vegan options for those who don’t eat meat.

Chicken sandwiches come in many forms, whether the protein is breaded and fried, grilled or chopped. Add sauce or cheese. Use a bun or sliced ​​bread. That is just a small selection of the possibilities. For more concrete ideas, check out these recipes from our archive.

How 2019 became the year of the Chicken Sandwich

Sandwiches with fried chicken or mushrooms with warm honey and lettuce, pictured above. This is Daniela Galarza’s take on the sandwich made famous by Nashville’s Prince’s Hot Chicken Shack. It’s a tantalizing mix of textures and flavors – tangy honey, crackling breadcrumbs, cooling slaw – and offers a built-in vegan variation with portobello, maitake or oyster mushrooms.

Hot chicken makes a path from Prince’s in Nashville to Hotville in Los Angeles

Chipotle Chicken Sandwich with AvocadoThe kick of a marinade with chipotle powder and smoked paprika is tempered by rich, creamy avocado. This recipe would work just as well with slices of tofu – use the same marinade and sear in a hot skillet. (See Tofu Steak Veracruzana for advice on how to drain and dry the tofu.)

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Chicken Satay sandwichesSimple grilled chicken is dressed with a peanut butter sauce and layered with crunchy veggies. Again, seared tofu would be an ideal substitute. Tahini would be a good nut-free option (or use almond butter if there is only a peanut allergy).

Chicken, egg, ham and chickpea salad recipes for quick home office sandwiches

Double Mango Curry Chicken Salad Sandwich The double dose of mango comes from diced fruit and chutney, offering bright flavor accents against a yogurt-based sauce. Make this meatless by using partially pureed chickpeas and vegan by using a non-dairy yogurt and low-fat bread (the recommended challah probably contains honey and eggs).

How to upgrade your favorite sandwich

Sandwiches with chicken, bacon and avocado These open-faced beauties have a bit of a club sandwich vibe. Since they also contain chickpeas, it’s easy to make these vegan if you omit the chicken and bacon.