Start Your Sourdough Bread Journey Here: Six Accessible Recipes from Mary Grace Quigley

Mary Grace Quigley stands with loaves of sourdough bread in her kitchen.

I wrote each of these recipes with the same goal in mind: I want you to experience the joy and simplicity of baking bread.

This collection of sweet and savory yeast and sourdough recipes will take you on a bread baking journey and boost your confidence to make delicious bread at home.

I call it a bread journey because working with yeast and sourdough is an experience.

Every bread is different and every time you bake you learn something new.

One of my favorite things about baking is that I can share delicious things with friends and family.

Every recipe is made with parts in mind: I like to keep some for myself and give some away every time I bake.

This bread is perfect for sandwiches and doesn’t take too long to prepare.ABC Everyday: Mary Grace Quigley

A light, yeast-based sandwich bread that you can make with minimal effort.

The process from start to finish only takes a few hours, so you can make this bread in no time with ingredients that are easily found at the grocery store.


Making a sourdough starter takes a little over a week, but only requires about five minutes of work a day.

And once you’ve made your sourdough starter, you can keep it alive and make bread with it indefinitely.

Mary’s simplified sourdough recipe is usually hands-off compared to other recipes.ABC Everyday: Mary Grace Quigley

Making sourdough bread is a slower process, but it’s also pretty hands-off.

You mix the dough in the evening, give it a few folds and then leave it on the counter overnight.

It will be ready to be baked and enjoyed the next morning.

Fancy crackers are easy to make at home, especially if you have a sourdough starter.ABC Everyday: Mary Grace Quigley

Throw away sourdough is the part of your sourdough starter that you don’t use to make bread – but contrary to the name, you don’t actually have to throw it away.

These seeded crackers are my go-to throw-away-they’re crunchy and salty, and perfect with a piece of cheese for a late afternoon snack.

Making these knots takes time, but each step is simple and enjoyable.ABC Everyday: Mary Grace Quigley

Similar to a cinnamon roll—but maybe even tastier—these knots use simple ingredients you probably already have at home (cocoa, cinnamon, butter, flour, sugar) to create something that looks professional and impressive.

My favorite part of making these (besides eating them) is tying the knots: a fun and relaxing task.

Osterbrot, or German Easter bread, is a bit like a giant hot cross bun.ABC Everyday: Mary Grace Quigley

Don’t let the name of this recipe fool you – yes, this bread is traditionally eaten at Easter in Germany, but I guarantee no one will be disappointed if you make it all year round.

This sweet sourdough-based bread is braided into a large braid.

It is perfectly sliced, shared with a large group of friends or family and served with plenty of cups of tea.

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