Supercook app suggests recipes based on ingredients in your kitchen

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The aggregator pulls recipes from around the web using a customizable search engine, which lets you pick a main ingredient, filter by cuisine, add dietary restrictions, and more. Redditors say the app is especially useful for trying out new recipes and reducing food waste.

“Target items you know are about to expire and just scroll until something looks right,” one comment reads. “The suggested staples have also been a huge help when shopping to do more with cheaper ingredients.”

If your phone’s storage is full (or if you just don’t like the idea of ​​downloading another app), Redditors also suggested two unconventional recipe generators: Google and ChatGPT. Using either one is easy. In the search engine, simply enter a series of ingredients followed by the word “recipe.” The more intelligent ChatGPT can generate a whole recipe if you ask it the right questions.

Considering that Americans waste between 30% and 40% of their food and inflation hurts the household budget, each of these resources is preferable to throwing ingredients in the trash.

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