The best recipes in Cat Cafe Manager

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No cat cafe without good food! Cat Cafe Manager offers a plethora of fun recipes that you can unlock by completing the Shrine projects and buy at Bonner’s Market† Before you go shopping for all your favorites, from biscuits and gravy to blueberry pie, you may want to narrow things down to the basics.

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While some recipes are generic and have great appeal, other recipes appeal to very specific customer types. These are important to have on the menu for the greatest satisfaction of your customers. Here’s every recipe that is an absolute must in Cat Cafe Manager.

10 Ham Sandwich Recipe

  • Ingredients: bread, ham
  • Requires: Fridge, Cutting Board, Cooking Skill 5

It may not scream “gourmet,” but a good ham sandwich is a necessity for your cat cafe menu. With this recipe you win extra points with Punks specific, but for simplicity it is often: also ordered by Vagabonds† If you ever want to be on the good side of Arwel, or expand the cafe, consider upgrading to the Ham Sandwich recipe ASAP.


9 Italian Espresso Recipe

  • Ingredients: coffee beans
  • Requires: Coffee maker, Cooking skill 5

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Nobody likes nice pants, but if you want to get anywhere in Cat Cafe Manager, you have to bring in some business people† These are the customer type that gives you gold, a currency needed to buy both furniture and pet items. Adding Italian Espresso to your menu also fits so nicely, since it only requires coffee beans that you probably already have on hand.

8 Pretzel Recipe

  • Ingredients: Bread
  • Requires: Sink, cooking skill 1

This recipe is the next step from your standard glass of tap water, but it is should remain a staple on your menu until the end of time. It only takes bread and it’s a fan favorite of Vagabond† bums pay with Fabric as currencywhich can be traded at Gruff Decorations for chairs, tables and appliances† So literally everything you need to run a cat cafe. Not to mention that this simple dish is also a hit with Fisherman.

7 Fish And Chips Recipe

  • Ingredients: Fresh Fish, Potatoes, Mayonnaise
  • Requires: Refrigerator, Cutting Board, Deep Fryer, Cooking Skill 8

Fish and Chips is a dish that is a bit difficult to fit into your menu. It requires that you don’t just start with stockings Fresh fish, potatoes and mayonnaise — three ingredients you hardly use anywhere else — but buy a full fryer† Regardless of the risk, buying this recipe is well worth it. Your Fisherman customers won’t shut up about Fish and Chips otherwise. If you plan on catching more cats or spoiling your current cafe cats, you need this fisherman’s favorite.

6 Easy Salad Recipe

  • Ingredients: Salad
  • Requires: Fridge, sink, cooking skill 5

The Simple Salad is the Pretzel recipe for witches. All it takes is lettuce to make. Witches are literally the lifeblood of your cat cafe. You will have a really hard time running your store for a day without advertising to Witch customers, especially as your menu continues to grow. Invest early in the Simple Salad recipeespecially because it also appeals to other customers, such as artists.

5 Avant Garden Salad Recipe

  • Ingredients: Lettuce, Tomatoes
  • Requires: Fridge, sink, cooking skill 8

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It may sound fancy, but the Avant Garden Salad is literally just a Simple Salad with tomatoes. That is it. Of course, with the upgrade in name, it’s appeals to more Artist customer types† Artists give you jewels, you need to buy decorations for your cafe† That may not seem so important, but every customer has a specific ‘decoration need’. For example, artists like furniture that is “art”, “fun” or “cool”. To increase your customer satisfaction score, you can save on Jewels to get a nice set of decorations

4 Complex grape juice recipe

  • Ingredients: Bottled Grape Juice
  • Requires: Fridge, Cooking Skill 16

Complex grape juice has one of the most expensive ingredients, the highest cooking skill requirements and is one of the last recipes to unlock at the Shrine† That said, if you really want it earn some gold from Businesspeople customers, you will quickly have this recipe on your menu. Every time you have to tell a business owner that you don’t have their complex grape juice on the menu, you’re missing out on extra gold.

3 Black coffee recipe

  • Ingredients: coffee beans
  • Requires: Coffee maker, Cooking skill 1

You can’t have a cat cafe without Black Coffee. To succeed in Cat Cafe Manager, you must stick to the basics. Black Coffee not only appeals to Businesspeople’s customers, but also to Artists. If you dream of buying a single decor one day, don’t run out of bean juice.

2 Herbal Tea Recipe

  • Ingredients: Herbs
  • Requires: Coffee maker, Cooking skill 1

If there’s one thing witches and punks have in common, it’s a love of herbal teas. Add this recipe to your menu as soon as possible and always keep herbs in stock. By focusing on addressing witches and punks, you can keep your ingredients well stocked and your cafe is constantly growing

1 Black Tea Recipe

  • Ingredients: tea leaves
  • Requires: Coffee maker, Cooking skill 1

It may seem strange that the number one recipe in a cat cafe is regular black tea. Not just black tea only one ingredient neededbut it too strongly appeals to witches and artists alike† It is also quite well favored by Fisherman customers. Those are three incredibly important subgroups, all content with one cup of hot leaf juice. It might be tempting to swap this recipe for Harmony Tea, or another fancier drink once it’s unlocked. Instead of, let that black tea flow to keep harvesting nectar and jewels

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