The best salads you will ever eat

The best salads you will ever eat

A good salad is more than just a bowl of greens, and no one knows this better than The Pioneer Woman! Ree often serves a salad as a main dish, piling up the protein along with tasty mix-ins and crunchy toppings. But she also likes a side salad: “Fun fact: Caesar salad is one of my favorite room service orders,” she says. Think of this as our ode to salad: we’ve included eight new crowd-pleasing recipes below, plus Ree’s all-time favorites — and tips and tools for upping your salad game at home. It’s the most fun you’ll ever have getting your greens!

Salad Ingredients

Let’s get down to the basics: there’s no wrong way to make a salad. Don’t like an ingredient? Leave it out! Would you rather have a creamy dressing than a vinaigrette in a recipe? Go for it. But if you find yourself in a salad rut, here are some tips that will knock your salads right out of the park.

salad pizza

Caitlin Bensel

Upgrade your gear

A simple cutting board and a good chef’s knife will go a long way, but with these tools you can really give your salads a boost. Read on to find our picks for the best peelers, choppers, spinners and more.

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Caitlin Bensel

More salad ideas

Whether you’re looking for a picnic side dish, a side dish, or a large dinner salad, you’ll find plenty of options here.

Written by Kara Zauberman. Recipes by Erin Merhar and Josh Miller. Edited by Alexandra Churchill. Photography and video by Caitlin Bensel.