The onion issue | Food and recipes

The onion issue |  Food and recipes

Onions – the secret savior, often MVP for almost every dish. But you may often wonder, “Which onion do I use, when?” We outline the use cases and best practices for each type of onion, and even review the different ways to cut them without shedding a tear, separating the handy hacks from the crazy gimmicks.

To learn more about this onion industry as a whole, we traveled to Dixondale Farms in Texas. With fourth generation farmers and a major supplier of onions starting in the US, their farming team knows a thing or two about the amazing alliums.

If the pandemic has piqued your interest in developing your own vegetable garden, you are not alone. Growing your own food has become a popular pastime and the trend is here to stay. We get expert advice on how to start your own garden – and not just onions! — from our farming friends at Dixondale Farms for those looking to boost their green fingers this spring.

Finally, we visit the home of pastry chef and former Food Network contestant, Sofia Tejeda, where she shows us how to make four onion dishes we’re obsessed with, including a homemade onion dip and savory breakfast scones.

Dixondale Farms accounts for most of the onion seeds in the country and knows a thing or two about onions.

Pastry chef Sofia Tejeda shows in her recipes that baking is not exclusive to sweet things. Savory products – like onions! – also have a home in baked goods.

Vegetable Gardens 101: How do you start your own garden?

Interested in growing your own vegetables? You are not alone.

Which onion, when and why?  Everything onion for your next recipe

Consider this your official guide to choosing the right onion, including how to prepare it.

We Tried It: 7 Hacks, Tricks, and Gimmicks to Prevent Onion Tears

From onion glasses (yes, really) to lighted candles, these are the best (and worst) techniques for tear-free onion slicing.

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