The sibling-led brand Dr. Norm’s combines medicinal care with delicious family recipes

The sibling-led brand Dr.  Norm's combines medicinal care with delicious family recipes

The brand carefully considers each of the following factors when creating its many edibles:

  • flavours
  • Dosage
  • form factor
  • Strain specificity
  • Diet restrictions
  • Start time
  • Health and well-being issues such as sleep, pain management and stress reduction

Within these comprehensive edibles are precisely measured doses to help consumers achieve a more consistent and expected experience. What’s just as important is dr. Norm‘s dedication to deliciousness so the cookies taste the way Audrey intended and don’t burst with pungent weed flavors.

Now you can choose from: dr. Norm‘s Brownies, Cookies (in various strengths), Crispy Rice Bars and Nano Mini Cookies with a quick start time.

Finally, dr. Norm‘s really has something for everyone. It offers a variety of vegan and gluten-free treats within its product lines. It also offers various products in Indica, Sativa and Hybrid products based on the effects of these natural plant extracts.

From his personal story to his unwavering commitment to the consumer experience, dr. Norm‘s is really a brand for the people. For more information about dr. Norm‘s, visit the website at