These two easy celebrity chef pastas are perfect for summer

These two easy celebrity chef pastas are perfect for summer

Rachel thought this dish had perfectly balanced flavors and was very easy to prepare.

Samin Nosrat’s pasta with tomato sweets.

Rachel Askinasi/Insider

Rachel said she added the torn basil right before taking her first bite, and encourages everyone to do the same at home. She said it tasted fresh, light, and perfectly salty, and the fragrant basil leaves balanced out the intense flavors of the tomato candy.

A key part of this dish came from the feather-like cheese shavings, which Rachel said didn’t weigh this dish in the same way as melted mozzarella.

There are several components of this dish that make it perfect for preparing meals or serving at a dinner party. You can prepare this meal in batches by cooking the tomatoes ahead of time and setting the basil aside until ready to serve.

No matter how many servings you’re cooking (this recipe serves four as is), Rachel says she’d recommend making extra tomato candies, as it would pair well with plenty of other dishes.

To preserve the tomato candies, Nosrat recommends soaking them in a jar of olive oil for up to six weeks. For longer term storage, you can also freeze the candy in a single layer on a baking sheet first and then transfer it to a freezer bag once frozen, where it can be stored for up to six months.

Check out the full recipe for Samin Nosrat’s pasta with cherry tomato “candy” here.