This Pad Thai recipe from Saransh Goila will make your mouth water

This Pad Thai recipe from Saransh Goila will make your mouth water

Did you know that there is a Thai recipe that combines different flavors in one dish? Pad Thai, the iconic stir-fried rice noodles served as street food in Thailand, is what we’re talking about. A dish of Pad Thai combines salty, sweet, sour and a variety of other flavors. If you leave Thailand without trying Pad Thai, your trip will be incomplete. But if you’re just in the mood for the dish in the meantime, why not try making it at home? On Instagram, Chef Saransh Goila has shared a mouthwatering recipe for the same. If you like noodles, this dish is sure to impress you.

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For the caption, Saransh Goila wrote, “The better the quality of rice noodles, the better it will turn out.”

He also stated that you can use any leftover vegetables at home. Shiitake mushrooms add delicious flavor. He revealed that he likes a lot of lemon and peanuts in his Pad Thai recipe.


2 onions (chopped)

Shiitake mushrooms (sliced) – ½ cup

Carrot (July) – 1

Radish (july) –

Broccoli florets – ¼ cup

Spring onion – a handful


1 egg

Tamarind paste – 50 ml

Jaggery – 15 grams

Light soy sauce – 30 ml

Fish sauce – A few drops

Oil – 1 tablespoon

Garlic Cloves (sliced) – 5 to 6


bean sprouts

Spring onions


According to Saransh Goila, you can make Pad Thai like this:

1) First cut onions, shiitake mushrooms, carrots, radishes and broccoli. Arrange them all on a plate with spring onion and chives.

2) Beat an egg and keep it aside. Take 150 grams of rice noodles and soak them in hot water for 10 minutes.

3) Take peanuts and crush them. You can do this using a mortar and pestle available at home. Keep it aside.

4) Prepare the special sauce with tamarind paste, cane sugar, light soy sauce and a few drops of fish sauce. Mix it all very well.

5) Take a pan (or kadhai) and heat some chopped garlic pieces in it. Add sliced ​​onions, followed by carrot, radish, mushrooms and broccoli. Cook for a few minutes. After that, add noodles to the preparation. Mix well.

6) Pour the sauce you prepared and mix it well with the noodles. Now it’s time to add the beaten egg. Add the egg to one side of the wok and stir. Remember, you don’t have to make it bhurji. Just lightly boil the egg. Pad Thai is ready.

Watch the recipe video here:

Serve it warm with lemon, bean sprouts, scallions, and peanuts (which you crushed earlier).