TikToker Nick DiGiovanni reveals his upcoming recipes with FoodSaver

TikToker Nick DiGiovanni reveals his upcoming recipes with FoodSaver

Since you mentioned teaching and the sous vide method, there are tips or special tricks you use when you approach that method [sous vide] that you could share?

One thing about sous vide is that people actually have no idea how many applications there are. You can make a lot of things with sous vide, but I see it as something to use, to be honest, be a little lazy and let the food do the work for you… you can make a ton of salmon, throw a giant dinner party, toss all the vacuum-sealed sous-vide salmon portions into a giant water bath, then make a massive meal. You really haven’t done much. It might take you 10-15 minutes to vacuum the salmon and maybe marinate the salmon, put it in the sous vide bags, and then it’s really done.

That’s a really cool thing. It’s knowing how to take advantage of the convenience of it all. There are little tips and tricks that you learn along the way, like don’t hold the food too close to the seal, as I’ve been through a lot of stuff trying to do sous vide and vacuum sealing in general. Honestly, it’s one of those things that the more you practice it, the easier it is. It’s second nature.

You mentioned a few different foods that you could use with that method. Could you give some hints on what new recipes your followers can expect with your upcoming FoodSaver partnership?

I’ll give a little hint. I am very inspired by the coast and seafood. There is a very, very nice recipe in that area, but when you can expect recipes from me, they will be creative and fun. A classic dish that we all know and love with a few little twists is usually what I go for.

WWhat inspires you to collaborate with other food makers? I know you’ve filmed with @cookingwithlynja and Luca who’s (@itsqcp), or with brands like FoodSavers. What is your thought process behind that?

The way I work with creators is the same way of thinking as when I work with brands. If I fit in with what they do and who they are, I enjoy working with them. I sure have a great back and forth with Linda and some of the other creators, as you mentioned. In fact, we recently attempted another Guinness world record together. It was very nice. I’ve never thought about it that way, but now that you mention it, it makes me think. I try to be really strict about working with people that I’m genuinely and truly aligned with.

I like collaborations in general. I feel like it’s a fun way to… It’s hard. Ideas can get a bit stagnant at times, and you can get stuck in a box where you don’t really know where to go when you’ve made so many recipes. I’ve made hundreds and hundreds of videos, so it’s actually a lot of fun working with someone or something new because it makes you think outside the box. With FoodSaver, I was thinking more specifically about sous vide, marinating, preserving, freezing, all things I might not think about every day when I’m trying to think of recipe ideas as well. Then when I work with another maker, they have completely different techniques, completely different styles. It helps enormously to come up with new ideas.