Top 5 Best Quick and Easy Michelada Tiktok Recipes for Cinco de M

Top 5 Best Quick and Easy Michelada Tiktok Recipes for Cinco de M

Top 5 Best Quick and Easy Michelada Tiktok Recipes for Cinco de Mayo

I’ve never tried a Michelada drink. I know it must be really tasty, but I’ve always thought it was too much like a Bloody Mary drink and I’m not a fan of that at all. While at the Yakima Taco Fest last weekend, I heard a few people in line talking about how much they crave a Michelada. One lady had said she would be willing to wait in line for hours to get one. That got me thinking about maybe trying one of those in celebration of Cinco de Mayo.


The ingredients of an authentic Michelada differ per person who makes it for you. Some people like to have celery sticks, others like to layer different fruits like mangoes and strawberries, and still others like to throw in a bunch of shrimp!

They had me by shrimp, I’m not going to lie! Shrimp, you say?



Dash of Worcestershire sauce

Lea and Perrins Worcestershire Sauce Walmart

Lime juice

ReaLime Lime Juice Walmart

Clamato juice

Clamato Limon Tomato Cocktail Juice Fred Meyer

Tajin herbs, including some for the rim of your glass

Tajin Spice from Walmart



Photo by Jan Antonin Kolar on Unsplash

Beer of your choice

Corona Coronita Beer Instacart

Splash of Maggi Jugo (or soy sauce if you don’t have it)

Maggi Jugo Walmart

I recommend adding your ingredients Fiesta Foods There are three area locations:

  • 115 S 10th Ave, Pasco
  • 2010 Yakima Valley Hwy #7, Sunnyside
  • 1008 E Nob Hill Blvd, Yakima

I have a short attention span; I tell people I have the attention span of a mosquito, so when I think of quick and easy recipes for things, I don’t rush to YouTube anymore, I go straight to TikTok!

I found these below which I call the top 5 best quick and easy Michelada TikTok recipes for Cinco de Mayo!

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