Try out TikTok recipes with the Smart Pro Waffle Maker

Try out TikTok recipes with the Smart Pro Waffle Maker

There are so many ways to make a waffle, and there is probably one that is perfect for you. Whether you’re a fan of the simple things or a sweet tooth, there’s a waffle for you. It can have a slice of butter and a dash of syrup or a mound of cinnamon, sugar and delicate slices of fruit. We’ve found three of the most exciting waffle recipes on Tiktok, and you absolutely must check them out.

Tiktok user wild.minds dropped a stunning classic waffle recipe that produces fluffy, restaurant-worthy waffles. This is a long way from just using a mix. Everything from the perfect batter to the sifted powdered sugar looks incredible here.

For the sweet tooth, this churro waffle from user mxriyum is a real temptation. Even better (or worse if you’re trying to resist), it’s easy to make. The recipe only deviates from a standard waffle at the very end when @mxriyum spreads the waffles in liquid butter, then coats them in a cinnamon sugar mixture and serves with chocolate sauce. Serve it with a fresh cup of tea for a wonderful morning.

This is another classic waffle recipe, but this time the result is huge! @flakeysalt emphatically goes through the simple steps to make your own Belgian waffle, and the fluffy decadent result looks incredible.

If you get hungry watching all that and feel like making your own waffles, there’s only one thing you need. The AICOOK Smart Pro Belgian Waffle Maker, 5 different programs, silver is a professional waffle maker that can be the doorway to a delicious breakfast.

What makes this waffle iron special is not only the sturdy appearance. It comes with precise browning control so you don’t have to guess when your waffle has that perfect outside that is crispy around a fluffy inside. You can choose between gifts for Belgian, classic, chocolate and buttermilk waffles, along with seven individual browning levels for full waffle customization.

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Browning isn’t the only thing this waffle maker does well. It comes with a double heating element, so that your waffle is cooked evenly on top and bottom. The non-stick baking trays are easy to clean and there’s even a high rim to prevent the batter from overflowing. If you make too much batter, there is a channel that catches the excess dough.

Wake up one of these mornings and enjoy one of Tiktok’s most exciting waffle recipes. Buy the AICOOK Smart Pro Belgian Waffle Maker, 5 different programs, silver on sale for $145.99 (Reg. $199) and enjoy a tasty breakfast.

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