Uncover some delicious banana recipes the whole family will love

Uncover some delicious banana recipes the whole family will love

While there are some adorable movie characters who can’t get enough of their special menu, the reality is that many delicious banana recipes can be cut out in the home kitchen. From a tasty smoothie to start the day with to an easy snack to satisfy that afternoon hunger, there are a ton of recipes that everyone will want to try.

Getting the family to eat more fruit can sometimes be a difficult task. But bananas have often been a popular choice. Even if some little fingers might trip when opening the banana, the popular fruit is often waiting in the fruit bowl.

Always a great source of vitamins, minerals and fiber, the popular fruit makes for a great summer treat because of its potassium and B vitamins. When the energy is running low, that banana can be the incentive to keep moving.

Hungry for a bunch of banana recipes?

Besides the slices in the cereal bowl or using ripe fruit in a banana recipe, there are plenty of other options available. Chiquita as an abundance of recipe suggestions that take that classic fruit in a flavorful direction.

For example, a banana in a smoothie is a popular choice. But why not add a little Matcha to the mix. Bananas, matcha and milk may be a more balanced drink than that sweet morning latte.

Building on that idea, why not use some frozen bananas to make a “yummy cream”. While summer and ice cream are often the perfect combination, frozen bananas can be transformed into a “nice cream”. While there are kitchen supplies that can make a similar treat, this recipe is a sweet, low-fat treat that the whole family will be clamoring for.

Since the heat can be a bit much, consider a frozen drink that will bring the refreshment. The healthy cucumber granita with Chiquita banana and mint. While the drink is hydrating, the combination of bright mint and cool cucumber makes it even more fun.

And since everyone seems to be hungry in the summer, snacks are a priority. How about using those bananas to make some chips. By grabbing a handful of these chips, any negative connotation with snack time is avoided.

What are some of your favorite banana recipes? Have you been able to unravel some culinary creativity?