V Rising whetstone recipe – item location and crafting guide

V Rising whetstone recipe - item location and crafting guide

The humble V Rising whetstone is one of the most valuable resources you’ll need for crafting in the game. You will need a whetstone to build some of the most important amenities in your base, such as a stone grinder to cut stone into stones. However, it is not an item that you can easily get in this vampire themed crafting game.

You have two options if you want to find V Rising whetstone† You can discover it in the world by looting specific enemies or you can unlock the ability to craft it from the comfort of your own V Rising castle. The latter is much less stressful and time consuming, but you’ll need to track down and kill one of the many bosses before you can craft these valuable items.

Of course, this all comes on top of maintaining your castle’s V Rising blood essence levels, which you’ll need to keep replenishing to keep your machines from spinning away and your base from perishing. There is a lot to keep track of in the RPG game so to help you, here you can find whetstone in V Rising and everything you need to do to unlock the ability to make whetstone from raw materials.

V Rising Whetstone Locations

You can find V Rising whetstone in one of the five large bandit camps in Farbane Woods. Of course not all bandit camps have a whetstone, but luckily there is a brutal way to find out ahead of time. When you approach a bandit camp, open the map and move your mouse cursor over the top of the camp in front of you. This will give you a list of loot you can loot, so if that list has whetstone you are guaranteed to find at least one in the camp.

Check all over the camp, including the corpses of killed bandits, chests, and even barrels or crates. When you’re sure you’ve looked in every nook and cranny, you can move on to the next camp. Everything in the camps will respawn after a while, so theoretically you could edit these locations until you have a pile of them.

How To Make V Rising Whetstone

To get the V Rising whetstone recipe, you must defeat Grayson Thea Armorer. He is a level 27 boss found in Farbane Woods. He doesn’t have a fixed location as he switches between V Rising servers, so we recommend increasing your gear score to around level 27 and then using a Blood Shrine in your base to track him down. Follow the blood trail that appears on the screen until you find it.

To defeat him, you can use the four suits of armor that rest on pedestals around the arena. These give you temporary invincibility, allowing you to walk through the caltrops he scatters without taking any damage. Doing this will give you more room to dodge his other attacks, but use the armor sparingly as there are only four colors around you. When Grayson reaches two-thirds of his maximum health, common bandit enemies jump into the arena to help him. If you’re fighting during the day, half the arena is in darkness, giving you a little less space to work with.

He will eventually fall in battle, leaving him helpless to extract his V blood and unlock the whetstone recipe near the oven. Here are the items you’ll need to make V Rising whetstone:

  • Copper rod x1
  • Stone dust x12

You can get copper bars by mining the orange copper rocks you find in the world for ore – keep in mind you’ll need a reinforced bone club for this – before melting them into ingots in the furnace. Each copper bar requires 60 copper ore and 480 rock. You get rock dust as a by-product of making rock bricks with 12 raw rocks at your grinder.

With that, you should now have a readily available supply of V Rising whetstone. If you’re struggling to get more specialized items, check out our V Rising learning guide, while those starting out may want to find a V Rising horse ASAP to make moving less tedious.