Vegan BBQ chefs share favorite dishes and recipes

Vegan BBQ chefs share favorite dishes and recipes

“Non-vegans don’t know what to expect, so those are the ones I want to amaze,” he says. “Those are the ones that make me want to spend the most time on these recipes.”

Others use vegetables to create memories reminiscent of flavors. Chef Derek Sarno recently turn heads at Austin’s Hot Luck Festival, a food and music feast known for being a meat-heavy experience. As the only vegan chef invited to participate, Sarno blew the spectators away by grilling 400 pounds of mushrooms and squeezing them into vegan steaks.

“If we have to explain that ‘it’s not meat,’ it’s well done,” says Sarno, co-founder of Bad kitchena company that makes plant-based products with the aim of making the diet more accessible.

Sarno wants to “bring vegan barbecue dreams to life”. To ensure success and satisfy his customers, Sarno has three requirements for cooking vegan barbecue: to make the food as tasty as possible, ensure it has a satisfying texture, and create a pleasant and memorable experience for his customers.

“When I became vegan, I refused to compromise on taste or cooking experience,” he says. “Chefs, good one anyway, are doing everything they can to bring joy to people’s lives.”