Vegan Richa’s new Instant Pot Cookbook contains 150 recipes

Vegan Richa's new Instant Pot Cookbook contains 150 recipes

GM: Why is it important to you to take care of the planet?

right: We only have one planet to live on.

GM: Besides being vegan, what are some other habits you’ve adopted to live more sustainably, in the kitchen or elsewhere in your life?

right: We grew up with respect for the things we have. My mother disliked food waste and used the vegetarian parts such as cauliflower stems, radish and carrot leaves, etc. Sustainability was passed on to us as we use up what we have, reuse stuff at home, buy sustainable clothes and household materials, always carry our own water bottles and bags, use biodegradable options, bamboo toothbrushes, washable wipes instead of paper, non-toxic and natural cleaning products and more. We continue to find alternatives and incorporate them into our daily lifestyle.