Watch: Cool Down This Summer With The Quick And Easy Dahi Phulki Recipe

Watch: Cool Down This Summer With The Quick And Easy Dahi Phulki Recipe

With the throbbing heat of summer all we can think of is cooling treats that will relax our body and mind! We keep walking to the fridge, feel the cooling blast from the freezer, or quench our thirst with some cold water. While we increase our consumption of beverages to avoid dehydration, we struggle to find summer snacks that are delicious and cooling. Snacks like pakodas and samosas are meant to be enjoyed hot, but when we think of eating something hot these days, we start sweating! Looking for cooling snacks, we found the recipe for dahi phulki, a khatta-meetha snack made from yogurt and a besan-based pakodes! Thanks to the use of the chutneys and curds, dahi phulki will remind you of street-style chaat.

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Dahi Phulki Recipe: How To Make Dahi Phulki For A Summer Snack?

The preparation requires frying the phulkis and making the curds. for the phulki, start by preparing a smooth and thick batter of besan, salt, baking soda and water. Pour into hot oil dollops of the batter and fry the phulki until golden brown. Cool them down by soaking them in cold water for just 2 minutes.

For the yogurt, add salt and cumin powder and mix well. Pour the yogurt over the drained phulki. Add mint chutney, imli chutney and sprinkle with salt, more cumin powder and garam masala. The dahi phulki is ready in no time!

Watch Dahi Phulki’s step-by-step recipe video in the Header section.

Sounds easy, right?! Make this dahi phulki at home and surprise your family with your culinary skills. Tell us in the comments how you liked it.