Watch: Cool Down This Summer With This Fusion Ice Cream Barfi Recipe

Watch: Cool Down This Summer With This Fusion Ice Cream Barfi Recipe

Who doesn’t love ice cream?! This rich creamy delight is a little soothing on a hot summer’s day! Just biting into a scoop of ice cream can be so heavenly. As the sweet and cold ice cream melts in our mouths, we can’t help but have a smile on our face. We love ice cream so much that culinary enthusiasts experimented with it and created a new variety of ice cream dishes! And today we found the recipe for such a unique fusion dessert. This mithai, also known as ice barfi, is delicious!

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What happens when your favorite vanilla ice cream meets the ultimate desi mithai barfi? You get ice barfi! This cold and milk mithai is made from just a few ingredients, namely powdered milk, ghee, sugar and vanilla essence. Parul Gupta shared the recipe for this Indian dessert on her ‘Cook With Parul’ YouTube channel.

Ice Cream Barfi Recipe: How To Make Ice Cream Barfi Home

Start by making a dough with powdered milk and melted ghee. Prepare the cutlery in which the ice barfi will be frozen, for that you just need to put baking paper on a square container, grease it with ghee and sprinkle chopped pista and almonds.

Boil sugar, water and vanilla essence in a saucepan until it forms a thick and stringy sugar syrup. Remove from the heat and mix the powdered milk dough with the sugar syrup. This creates a smooth paste. Transfer the smooth paste to the greased pan and refrigerate until it takes shape.

Watch Ice Cream Barfi’s step-by-step recipe video:

Sounds easy, right?! Make this ice cream bar at home and surprise your family with your culinary skills. Tell us in the comments below how you liked it!