Ways to Expand Your Grilling Menu Beyond Meat – Cleveland Clinic

Ways to Expand Your Grilling Menu Beyond Meat - Cleveland Clinic

If you only use your grill to cook different types of meat… well, let’s call that a missed opportunity for culinary creativity.

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Push your limits and consider giving fruit some time in the red-hot spotlight. Vegetables also acquire a special taste after a few minutes on the grids. And have you ever thought of using your grill to make coleslaw or pizza?

It can all be delicious, as these recipes show.

A tropical treat

Pineapple tastes great on its own. Throw the fruit on the grill, though, and the flavor explodes. That’s because the heat caramelizes the natural sugars inside, adding an extra dose of sweetness. See for yourself with this recipe that also adds lime, mint and raspberries.

Peach excited!

That caramelizing trick carries over to peaches, too. Cut that summer treat in half, remove the pit and put the fruit on the grill for a few minutes. Plain food is fantastic, or you can top your grilled peaches with:

A taste jacket

marinade selections

The list of vegetables suitable for the grill ranges from A (asparagus) to Z (zucchini). However, marinating is the key to keeping the vegetable tender. In addition, a good marinade can add a flavorful flavor to a dish. Here’s a simple five-ingredient marinade that’s perfect for veggies.

paste it

Veggie kabobs with two spicy sauces

What’s more fun than eating on a stick? Veggie kabobs add a bit of frivolity to a meal along with nutrition. This recipe requires you to skewer five different vegetables before topping them in a grilled jalapeno sauce.

Coleslaw done differently

Grilled Southwestern Slaw

Grilled coleslaw? Seriously, it can be done! Grilling cabbage, corn, poblano, and red peppers creates a smokiness that defines Southwestern slaw. Add the recipe’s spicy vinaigrette and you’re going to taste perfection.

A piece of gourmet

Pizza with pesto, chicken, tomatoes, cheese and red peppers.

Turn your backyard grill into a spark plug pizza parlor with this grilled chicken pesto pizza recipe. Also consider this a starting point for grilling a pizza pie. Try different toppings to expand the menu.