Wedding lunch recipes for a wedding party

Wedding lunch recipes for a wedding party

Recipes for a wedding lunch for a wedding party – [225]

It is difficult to believe me, but I’m celebrating my 30th wedding anniversary this month. Let’s face it: three decades is a significant amount of time. But at the risk of sounding cliché: Wow, that time has flown by!

Thankfully, since my big day, there have been some great updates on how couples are planning their wedding. For example, online registration wasn’t available in 1992. But my favorite improvement is that the newlyweds take a few minutes between the ceremony and the reception to catch their breath, freshen up, and have something to eat and drink before walking into their reception.

I know this isn’t a new habit, but it wasn’t at my wedding. My husband and I were taken from the ceremony straight to our reception where we were stuck in a reception line for two hours. All we had to eat at the reception was a bite of wedding cake as we cut it for the photos. By the time we left our reception we were starving. We tried to find a drive-thru on our way to the hotel late at night, but ended up with a leftover wedding cake and a hot Sprite from the Hilton New Orleans Airport Hotel vending machine.

My trip down memory lane brings me to the theme for this month’s menu: the importance of making sure the bride, groom, and their attendants have something to eat before the wedding. Most couples are too nervous or busy to eat on their day.

So I decided to prepare a delicious “do-ahead” menu that can be served while the wedding party gets dressed, applies makeup and poses for photos. These dishes are hearty and satisfying without weighing anyone down. They’re easy to make and the perfect meal to enjoy before hitting the aisle.

On the menu

• Greek style vegetable pasta salad

• Curry Chicken Salad

• Bridal cookies with chocolate whipped cream and berries

• Don’t forget lots of chilled champagne!

This article was originally published in the May 2022 issue of: 225 magazine.

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