What is the secret of Tiff’s Treats? Texas company founders share everything, including recipes, in the first book

What is the secret of Tiff's Treats?  Texas company founders share everything, including recipes, in the first book

The Chens may be known throughout Texas for their Austin-based cookie delivery company, Tiff’s Treats, but their story is so much more than just cookies.

Founders Tiffany and Leon Chen launched their debut book, It’s not just cookies, earlier this month. The book provides a first-hand account of everything from the company’s humble beginnings in a college apartment at the University of Texas at Austin to how they developed a unique business model focused on creating warm cookies and memories.

“We’ve been so busy building a business for 23 years. The most exciting thing about writing this book for me was that I took a moment to stop and reminisce and then tell the story,” said Leon Chen. They launched the company in 1999, which is now worth $500 million and has more than 20 stores in North Texas.

Growing a successful business model and cookie empire, the Chens have endured many trials and tribulations. The Chens reflect on this learning process in their book and talk about both their achievements and their failures.

“What we’ve learned is from our failures, and so that’s a big part of the book. We’ve learned a few things because we’ve failed a lot,” said Tiffany Chen.

They were inspired to write a book because of the countless questions they get, from entrepreneurs seeking business advice to others asking how they manage to run a business together as husband and wife.

“We thought it was a good time to write down part of our history and part of our story, not when our journey is over, but right in the middle of when we are still in the journey,” said Tiffany Chen.

Tiffany and Leon Chen, founders of Tiff’s Treats, have just released their first book.(Tiff’s Treats)

The book also features delicious recipes, including exclusive recipes favored by the Chen family.

“Tiff makes these [Hazelnut Strawberry Thumbprint cookies] for me and the kids during holidays and special occasions,” said Leon Chen.

The book also features the recipes of some of Tiff’s Treats’ most beloved classics, as well as temporary flavor-of-the-month cookies.

“We wanted to put some of the nicer cookies that we do. So instead of just our regular menu, we’re really offering our flavors of the month,” Tiffany Chen said.

Whether baked fresh from the comfort of your own home or delivered hot from a Tiff’s Treats location, the cookies serve as a vessel to create the brand’s ultimate goal: memories.

Audrey Penn, a student at Southern Methodist University, uses Tiff’s Treats as a way to share her affection for her long-distance boyfriend.

“I send Tiff’s Treats to my long-distance friend all the time, and I love making him feel appreciated. The gift wrapping options are great, especially if we can’t see each other for an anniversary or birthday,” Penn said.

Many customers like Penn share similar experiences, telling how Tiff’s Treats is so much more than just a cookie delivery company.

“Instead of just delivering cookies, we actually offer comfort, love, gratitude and special moments over and over again,” said Leon Chen.

It’s not just cookies can be ordered directly at Tiff’s Treats on for $26.99.