What to cook this week

What to cook this week

I don’t always cook with recipes, especially in the middle of the week when I don’t feel like following someone’s orders. You should try that. This calls for a dinner from fettuccine with ricotta and a handful of mint is a good place to start.

Here’s a Spicy Shrimp Masala from the coastal cities of South Asia: Tomatoes, lemon and coriander hold the heat well. Serve with basmati rice and a pile of naan I learned how to make from British cookbook author Meera Sodha, who learned it from her aunt. Make extra rice so you can use it at anchor the next day…

… a dish of stuffed peppers, the leftover rice mixed with ground beef, shredded fennel and onion, oven roasted tomatoes, lots of spices and a mozzarella topping. “So tasty and so simple,” wrote one subscriber below the recipe.

Now it has nothing to do with cottage cheese or line-caught tuna, but I enjoyed Adam Nagourney’s article for The Times about Chicana artist Judy Baca, who is getting a lot of attention for her work after 50 years.

In The Guardian, Simon Parkin has a fascinating look at cashing in on the likeness of Albert Einstein through his estate, which has earned $250 million since his death in 1955.

David Marchese of The New York Times Magazine interviewed Michelle Zauner, the musician (Japanese Breakfast) and memoirist (“Crying in H Mart”). Read that.

Finally my friend Gilbert put me on this new Angel Olsen song, “big time† (It takes about a minute to set up the video’s story before the song starts, but stick with it.) Listen to it while you’re cooking. And I’ll be back on Monday.