What to cook this weekend

What to cook this weekend

Good morning. I sometimes shop at the deli. There is joy to be found in a good one. I’ll get some egg or tuna salad for lunch, some mortadella for rollups (with mayonnaise and pickled jalapeños), a few slices of fried eggplant. One time I bought a quarter pound of antipasti salad and put it in a hero to eat on a boat. That was a messy delight.

I generally avoid macaroni salad. It is always gloomy. It’s always too sweet. I avoid macaroni salad at cookouts and picnics, for the same reasons. I avoid it even though I like the idea of macaroni salad: a shiny, hearty side dish for grilled chicken or a saucer ribs

And so a few years ago I was thrilled to discover a great one in Alexa Weibel’s macaroni salad with lemon and herbs (above): Clear, sour and herbaceous above the baseline of the ever so lightly sweetened mayonnaise dressing. And it’s definitely on the roll this evening, to accompany huli huli chicken and Boston baked beans† Maybe I’ll even give the recipe to the deli guy, see if he bites.

I would like to make some spoon bread, also with crawfish meat if I can find it, and shrimp if I can’t find it. This too chili-lime zucchini and chickpeas number, in which you mash the zucchini so they can soak up lime juice and jalapeño heat. Serve them with skillet roasted chickpeas and peanuts. And absolutely this (easy to freeze) mole verde made with fresh tomatillos, chilies, and herbs. It’ll be a blessing to have that on hand to spice up some chicken for taco night next week.

Alternative: crab Rangoon on Saturday night? You could use the filling as a topping for turkey burgers, no lie. It’s a trick I picked up from Block 16 in Omaha, Neb., where they also sprinkle it with sweet chili sauce fries, Sriracha, and scallions.

Surely oven bacon for breakfast on Sunday, with Scrambled eggs and lots of buttered toast. make a blackberries fool if you’re too full for lunch, serve it with dinner salad of grilled salmon with lime, chili and herbs

There are thousands and thousands of recipes waiting for you this weekend New York Times Cooking† (And more inspiration can be found on our TikTokInstagram and YouTube accounts.) It’s true that you need a subscription to access them, just like you need a Netflix subscription to watch”Weird stuff† Subscriptions support our work and keep it going. If you haven’t already, would you mind subscribing today? Thank you. (Write [email protected] if you need help with that.)

Now it’s far from poblanos or strawberries, but I enjoy it”love marriage‘, by Monica Ali, who used Elisabeth Egan as the basis for her latest book review “Group Text” in The Times.

Gary Brownstein is a grandson of the founder of Acme Smoked Fish in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. He worked with the company for 47 years before retiring last month at age 69. Julia Gergely wrote about: his last day working for New York Jewish Week, an article I read in The Forward.

I’ve said it before and I know I’ll say it again: I love Molly Young’s book newsletter, “Read Like the Wind.”

Finally, here’s Owen McLeod’s poem, after a clickbait quiz, “Which Greek God are you?It’s in The Southern Review, but the link is to Project Muse. I’ll see you Sunday.