What to cook this weekend

What to cook this weekend

Other recipes to cook this weekend: leg of lamb with lemon salsa verde (a good test drive before Easter!); sheet pan jerk salmonEggplant Parmesan Pasta (above: no frying! No layers!). And if there are softies in your fish market, like there were on mine recently, consider this great recipe for soft shell crab toast

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Now, it has nothing to do with peaches or cream, but I want to draw your attention to it this Fatima Syed story in The Narwhalabout Ontario pipe plovers and how argumentative people can be about what a beach should look like.

you should read Hannah Gold on David Wojnarowiczin The Paris Review, prior to viewing the images in a new gallery show of Wojnarowicz’s correspondence with Jean Pierre Delage, at PPOW in New York. (Arthur Lubow wrote about the show for The Times.)

I’m excited about Margo Jefferson’s new book,”Constructing a Nervous System‘ will be out next week. “There is no escaping the primary things of memory and experience,” she writes. “Dramatize it, analyze it, accidentally modify it, intentionally recreate it. Call it a temperamental autobiography.”

Finally, here’s my periodic reminder that you don’t always need a recipe to make great food. For example, I recently had a great kale salad at Houseman in New York, and when I asked Chef Ned Baldwin for the recipe, he told me it was an over-the-counter recipe.

“Can be kale or Tuscan, kind of what you find in the store,” he wrote in an email. “The rest of the salad is a lot (like a lot of) scallions, cilantro, lime, ricotta salata and a moderate amount of chopped pickled serrano peppers (the pickling helps the heat spread more evenly through the pickling liquid). Add some salt, massage in firmly, wait a few minutes and finish with more grated ricotta salata.”

I will be making those this weekend for sure. I’ll see you Sunday.