What to Expect From PBS’s New Show The Great American Recipe?

What to Expect From PBS's New Show The Great American Recipe?

“The Great American Recipe” is presented by Chef and Television Personality Alejandra Ramos, who will be joined by a jury consisting of Chef and Pig & Khao restaurateur Leah Cohen, restaurateur and “Top Chef” contestant Tiffany Derry, and “MasterChef” Judge Graham Elliot (via PBS

“This is an upbeat competition series that celebrates the delicious and diverse stories, flavors and people that make up the rich culinary story of our beautiful nation,” Ramos said in the press release. “As a Latina woman born and raised in New York and New Jersey, I’ve always understood American food as an ever-evolving conversation between the flavors and recipes of our ancestors — wherever they come from, the influence of our geography and neighbors. and the unique ideas and creativity that each of us brings to the kitchen.”

“Having dedicated my career to striving for wider representation in the culinary world, I feel really lucky to be part of ‘The Great American Recipe,’” said Derry.

The network’s latest culinary program will be available to watch on local PBS networks, the PBS Video app and the PBS website† While the premiere is still over a month away, avid fans can get a taste of the show at “The great American recipe“site now.