Where to find all the West Luterra cooking recipe locations in Lost Ark

Lost Ark all cooking ingredient locations in West Luterra

Collecting cooking ingredients is a key factor in every continent of lost ark† By finding ingredients you can create recipes, seven of which are needed to complete your Adventurer’s Tome – and get the bonuses they provide in turn. These can range from stat potions to legendary report items and more.

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Below is an alphabetical list of all West Luterra cooking recipes locations where you can find the ingredients you need. Several can be tricky, including having to take out the continent’s toughest mob, Rovlen, multiple times. And also, being in the right place at the right time to trade with a traveling salesperson.


Bear Gallbladder Spike – Bilbrin Forest Cooking Ingredient

From the portal to Bilbrin Forest from Medrick Monastery, follow the eastern edge of the area you arrive at to the northeast corner. You’ll find a ‘research spot’ on the back of a large rock to the right of a tree. This will give you the ‘Maneating Bear’s Gall Bladder’. Take this to Cook Heron in Lakebar Village, and she’ll make you the Bear Gallbladder Spies for 1,400 silver.

Boar BBQ – Mount Zagoras cooking ingredient

Head north from the Yudia Continent portal to Mount Zagoras and hug the eastern edge of the map. you come to a large stock of mounted weapons, next to a barbecue trough. Examine it to receive the Boar BBQ ingredient, which you just need to right click to activate.

Efferin’s Egg Rice – Medrick Monastery Cooking Ingredient

Go to the Mederick Monastery Triport. Just below are two sets of pews. At the back of the western pews, do you see a lady in a long white dress† Stand next to her and a ‘research’ icon will appear. Do this to receive the Special Egg Rice recipe. This can be taken to Cook Heron in the village of Lakebar, who can use it to make Efferin’s Egg Rice for 1,400 Silver.

Lakebar Freshwater Fish Stew – Lakebar Cooking Ingredient

When in Lakebar Village, find General Koopman Evien in the center of the village† Just buy the Lakebar Freshwater Fish Stew from her for 8,000 silver, then right click on it in your inventory to add it to your Adventurer’s Tome.

Medrick Hair Loss Solution – Wandering Merchant Cooking Ingredient

You can purchase the ingredient you need from the West Luterra Wandering Merchant, Malone. But as the name implies, it moves on. On the plus side, you’ll always find it in city areas near triports. But you have to time it right. It appears every few hours for 25 minutes (on the half hour) at the following locations:

  • Battlefield Plains: At the Front Outpost, look for Malone near the other traders.
  • Bilbrin Bos: Go to the Spring Refugee Outpost. He will be there near the injured villagers.
  • lake bar: From Lakebar Village Triport, head north past the potion seller and along the north path through the houses. He’s by the lake.
  • Medrick Monastery: At the Medrick Monastery Triport, near the potion seller.
  • Mount Zagoras: You want to go to the Zagoras Fort Triport and explore the surrounding area. He will be easy to spot near the Triport.

If the clock in your area is set correctly, the times (am and pm) will be 12.30, 2.30, 5.30, 6.30, 8.30 and 9.30. It is best to wait at one of the locations and ask for the half hour. And if he doesn’t appear, ask in the world chat if anyone knows where he is currently. Switching channels doesn’t help.

Miner’s Rum – Grayhammer Mine Dungeon Cooking Ingredient

Go through the first part of Grayhammer Mine and down the elevator. Work through the first large group of bandits and continue to the northeast where you have the second large battle. Here you see a niche to the right of the path. On the north side of the alcove are two broken coal carts, behind some destructible barrels. When you got the barrels outyou see a bag on the ground to the right of the two carts† Research this to get the ‘Tightly Covered Rum’. Take this to the Cook Heron of Lakebar Village – and she will prepare you Miner’s Rum for 900 silver.

Wriggling tentacle sashimi – Bilbrin Forest Cooking Ingredient

From the Grayhammer Mine Triport in Bilbrin Forest, head east until you see a short cul-de-sac to the north. Warning: This is where West Luterra’s boss, Rovlen, lives. It is a large plant creature with over a million health, so be prepared. Now if you’ve made it way beyond this continent, you might be able to solo him. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait for a group to attack and join in. But you have to be well involved in the battle to get a reward.

Also keep in mind that it has a 30 minute timer, so you may need to wait a while – or switch instances using the box in the top right corner of your screen. Once Rovlen is defeated, there is a chance that he will drop the tentacle you need. If he does, don’t use him until you waited 30 minutes† Otherwise you have to do everything again.

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