Which Animal Crossing DIY Recipes Are Best for Beginners (and Why)

Which Animal Crossing DIY Recipes Are Best for Beginners (and Why)

The best ACNH recipes for beginners are easy and useful. Here are a few to help new players get started decorating their islands.

One of the largest parts of Animal Crossing: New Horizons is DIY, but with so many recipes, it can be difficult for beginners to know the best recipes to start with. Should a new player focus on decorating his own home or the island? With so many options to choose from, it can seem overwhelming at first.

When players start out on their island, they have few resources to tinker with, and the island is a wilderness. As time goes by, players will unlock more resources and with them more recipes for everything from furniture to clothing. One of the most important skills that will be unlocked later is the ability to visit other islands in Animal Crossing to collect materials not available on a player’s island. This is very useful for creating a variety of decorations and furniture later in the game, but beginners are limited by the resources of their home island.


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For beginners, the easiest recipes are those with the least amount of materials that are quickly available to new players. Some of the best early recipes provide furniture for the scarce island. One of the best places to start is the DIY Beginner’s Recipe Set, which can be purchased early from Timmy in the Resident’s Services tent for 480 Bells. The set comes with six recipes that are great for beginners when starting a new island in Animal Crossing.

The Hay Bed is a great starter for Animal Crossing beginners

Found in the DIY Beginners kit is the hay bed, which only needs weeds for crafting. It’s easy to collect 20 weeds on a new island as they are all over the pristine wilderness. Once players have 20 weeds, they can create this starter bed that can be placed in a tent or starter house. After that, players can move this hay bed as it is a neat decoration for farms.

The wooden toys are the key to later tinkering in ACNH

The wooden block toy may not seem like an obvious choice for beginners as it is a static decoration that players and villagers cannot play with. However, it is an excellent and useful recipe as other recipes later in the game use this item as one of the ingredients. The wooden block toy is easy to make as it only takes three softwoods for materials.

The stone stool is the perfect seat for new ACNH players

Stone stools are great early chairs for getting around a Animal Crossing player island paradise and give residents a place to gather. Later in the game, players can place them in outdoor seating for a more rustic feel. A stone stool can be made using three stones and is a good place to sit in a tent or starter home, and they are versatile enough to be used in a wide variety of settings.

The Ocarina is fun musical fun for beginners with Animal Crossing

A fun early-game musical instrument is the ocarina, also found in the DIY Beginners set. Making the ocarina is easy for a new player as the recipe only requires five clays as material. Playing the ocarina for residents is cute because sometimes they will sing or dance. However, if an ocarina is left out, sometimes villagers will play it themselves, as they will with any musical instrument they find on the island.

The old-fashioned washtub is a nice camping decoration in ACNH

The old fashioned wash tub is a lovely early game decoration that is very easy to make. New players can quickly edit the necessary materials in Animal Crossing because only three softwoods are needed, which are easy to obtain. The tub is great to decorate at first and can be used to create a fun addition to a campground.

The last item in the DIY starter kit is a skillet that uses just two irons for crafting. The frying pan is not really useful for new players; however, the recipe is good to have as the pan makes a great kitchen decoration later on. In the beginning, other recipes that are great for new players give better versions of the thin tools, which last longer and make tinkering much less of a chore. Eventually, as players become more familiar and familiar with Animal Crossing: New Horizonsthey will figure out which recipes they want to prioritize for the appearance of their island.

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