Witchy Life Story: Every Day 4 Recipe

Witchy Life Story_Day 4

witch life story is an indie game about witches that instructs its players to properly concoct three recipes every day, intended to help the townspeople with their various problems as they prepare for the Harvest Festival. This guide covers the recipes players will need to prepare on Day 4 as tensions over the upcoming festival grow and become more pressing.

witch life story is a Casual Witchcraft Simulation game developed and published by Sundew Studios. After a series of ‘incidents’, the player, a witch in training with a mischievous streak, is sent to a remote town with a single task to prove their worth. The Harvest Festival must succeed, otherwise the player may not complete his training, so with everything driving in the festival, players must prepare a number of different magical recipes and enchantments to ensure its success.


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Mel’s Request (Energize Charm)

Mel is utterly exhausted but has to keep working, so she has asked for something to keep her going despite the exhaustion. Desperate times indeed, and the festival is very close, so, as is often the case in simulation games with crafting elements, players will have to help her. To do this, they need an ingredient with a plus sign (lavender), an orange ingredient (calendula), and an ingredient associated with mercury (yarrow).

To achieve this, players must swap the bottom right container for a charm bag and mix the ingredients in the bowl to create an Energize Charm.

Request from Jonas (Safety Oil)

Jonas is afraid of attracting “bad vibes” and seems quite shocked so he needs something to help him attract only good vibes. Since he’s building on the festival grounds, attracting bad luck can be disastrous, so players should lend him a hand. They need an ingredient with a shield symbol (rosemary), a blue ingredient (pea flower), and an ingredient associated with the sun (Calendula).

Wanting an oil, players have to change the bottom right bottle to the amber bottle used for oils and then mix the ingredients to make some safety oil.

Niesha’s Request (Freedom Oil)

Niesha feels a kind of “energy” that traps her in her studio and is desperate for help to escape. It sounds serious, so players should get started mixing up some magic using the indie game’s crafting mechanics. To do this, they need an ingredient with a star symbol (chamomile), a pink ingredient (hollyhock), and an ingredient related to the sun (calendula).

Niesha wants an oil, so players must change the bottom right bottle into the amber bottle and then mix the ingredients to make Freedom Oil.

witch life story is now available for PC.

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